Fraud and Counterfeiting Solution, Ensuring Zero Corruption

Fraud and Counterfeiting Solution


By using blockchain, QR code your documents and food products and minimise the chance of counterfeiting products and fraud.

Document Control

The power of blockchain ensures all the information in the documents are true and verified. With the security of blockchain and the reliability of QR code, you can make sure your documents are safe and verified.


When it comes to the source and origin of a product, Food Ecosystems ensures it is authentic. With the latest blockchain technology, you can QR code your products and make sure every information there is reliable. Since it is authentic and secure, you can digitalise all your crucial certificates and documents to certify provenance and optimise information management.

Digitize essential certificates and documents to optimize information management, certify provenance, and ensure authenticity.


Food Ecosystems provides complete transparency with a digitalised transaction records and stores all your documents and information in blockchain to ensure it is immutable and reduces the scope of any fraudulent activities.